The Sexiest Vampire Women

For some reason people find vampires sexy. Could it be the fangs, the danger, or the powerless feeling of being taken by a vampire? But the male vampires are getting all of the attention. There are many sexy female vampires in the movies, and here are some of them. Which one is your favourite?

Alice, one of the Cullen vampires is very different from most other vampires. She is always cheerful and is always dancing around, which is very usual for a vampire. She can also see the future, which is always a good ability to have. She is quite small and pixie-like and is definitely a sexy vampire.

Her adoptive sister Rosalie is also a very beautiful vampire. Before she was a vampire she was a beautiful, but vain woman. So being turned just developed her beauty. But men should beware, like most vampires she has a mean streak.

True Blood’s female fans love vampire Bill Compton. But what about the vampire that originally turned him? Lorena Krasiki is a beautiful, if not slightly crazy vampire. Even with blood dripping from her fangs she is still pretty irresistible.

Jessica Hamby is a quite new vampire, who was turned by Bill. Before she became a vampire she was a good god-fearing girl. But becoming a vampire brought her out of her shell, and she has transformed into a wild, sexy creature.

Katherine Pierce is Vampire diaries sexiest vampire. She is sly, cunning and makes it quite clear that she is willing to do anything to get what she wants. There is something about her that makes her more attractive than her human doppelganger. Could it be the fangs, or outfits, or the evil in her eyes. She is definitely one of the sexiest female vampires on TV.

Caroline Forbes is another of Vampire Diaries’ female vampires. Like True Blood’s Jessica, she has only recently been turned. But becoming a vampire seems to have a good effect on these ladies. Originally seen as a shallow, bitchy person, the strong but sensitive vampire character definitely suits her more.

Underworld’s Selene is one of the action vampires, like a female version of Blade. She is strong, sexy and a fighter who can handle any weapon that’s thrown at her. What’s not to love about this sexy vampire?

One of the most beautiful of Dracula’s brides, in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, was played by Monica Bellucci. As one of the original vampires and bride to the most famous vampire, she is a role model to all present and future vampires. So she definitely must be in the running for the sexiest female vampires.

Our sexy heroine Sophia Heartfield isn’t technically a vampire. In fact she’s more of a vampire hunter. But as the star of our comic book and soon to be movie, Vampire Wedding, she deserves to be included in our sexiest vampire females. She is has beauty and brains, and you know if you were kidnapped by a vampire she would come to your rescue.